Swedens highest 50 miler

The chosen few need to finish 23 loops on the cours between dawn and dusk

50 miles - 6200 verticle gain

3 ITRA points

2019 goodfriday fell on april 19

The sun rised at 05:24 och set at 20:13

2020 goodfriday fell on april 10

The sun rised at 05:48 and set at 19:53


HIGHVALLEY50 will be held at 22nd of january

Start at midnight between friday and saturday

It´s still possible to apply for a spot..

2021 the competition will be held at april 2nd

The sun wil lrise at 06:11 an set at 19:33

The participents will have 13 hours and 22 minuts to finish

For application you need a decent result in a similar competition

(The application will open in august)